Remake the World to a Better Plan, in EVERY Book they Want to Ban

and the Samosa Man told me to "Keep it Groovy"

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Hum... what to use for a bio?
Well, well, look there's a bio,
I'll just use that one
ReydelBovocracy: Is only theatrically memorable for his stunning performance as the Strange old man in Scene 24 in Monty Python: in search of the Holy Grail. If you attend Bethany Church U.C.C. (the last church on the left Har, Har, Har) you will have likely heard one of his sermons, the most recent of which was given shortly after he converted to Hinduism. He has played a significant part in the Second Vermont Republic Secessionist Movement, and spars with practically everyone about it, if you have interest in this topic do not hesitate to talk to RReydel (he's the tall one). He enjoys politics, being taller than nearly everyone else, cross country skiing, currency and commodity speculation, and being bad at very easy languages: namely Esperanto. He is known not to Bite.