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Hey there sports fans, I'm back in Montpelier! Well I've been back for some time, but now I'm back in Montpelier AND Awake! but it's 1:30 am, so I think I'll go to sleep. Good Night.

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The glorious comrade leader Fidel Castro celebrates his 80th year on this day. May this news be known and heralded throughout the land, on this greatest of all days.

May he live to torment many more Presidents (9 so far), and may some other nation form an alliance and build a nuclear missile emplacement in Cuba.
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Unfortunately my desk and room are covered with books of political theory, so the activity seems to exclude me (hum Machiavelli, Cicero, or Plutarch, which to take?

Now it the time to buckle down, 15 page paper and a 3 hour final on Tuesday, all while desperately trying to spend all my time will all the amazing people here, though I still miss the first session kids, -sniff- and a few late night political/philosophical debates have turned really nasty. One girl was distressed to tears and spent 2-2:30 am crying to my roommate (this from the attacks of a guy from Hollis south not me, I was on her side). We've had our first signs of elitist attacks on public school kids by the huge private school contingent. For the first time I'm glad I didn't graduate early and go to New England Private school. It's fine, it's happy, it's great.

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It appears, when they call Boston a "city" what they mean, is "massive open air oven"! The heat is ungodly, but no one has said "hey I can really feel the global warming!" so things are OK. I can't start my essay that counts for half one of my classes, because my professor refuses to meet with me to approve my topic.
I'd really like to go see the University of Toronto, so I guess I'll need to talk some one into going with me in the final week before school starts, (ha ha, it's some one with whom to go and not some one to take me!
Last Thursday my Team won the Trivia Bowl, so tonight the dorm gets it's absurd amounts of Ice cream party, about which everyone is excited -Hooray- It is a particularly appropriate day to have this event me thinks, as "Satan has breathed, and the earth melted" so. Yeah, not to much to say. I haven't been able ot get in touch with my friend in California, where, apparently it's been around 320 Kelvin (115 F), and since were only dealing with 308 Kelvin at most, I loose confidence in my ability to survive on this planet, as It does or may soon exist.
Greetings from Hell/Harvard, wish you were here!
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hot yeah it's hot
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New World Symphony
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Last Night I went to the rocky Horror Picture Show for the second time. I wore my spandex ski top, knee socks, and a skirt. It was really comfortable and terrific experience, and all of you can rely on there being a whole school cross-dress day during spirit week this year, you can also rely on there actually being a spirit week this year. Of course one of the people with whom I went was dressed like a hooker in 4 inch heels, fishnet stockings, a mini-skirt etc. however he looked like a nun compared to a few of the people there. The guy who played Rocky jumped out at the end wearing nothing but duct tape, and nearly caused me to gouge out my eyes for the horrour.
Well all the short session I kids moved out on Friday, and we were all very lonely yesterday, now I'm just waiting for the Short Session II kids to show up, and all the other people who left for the weekend to return. It's very sad and lonely. Virtually all of my friends left virtually all at once, and saying good-bye to Liz took 20 minutes and caused me to start crying. However, I am going to California to visit sometime in the near future (hold me to that promise, please), and hey, we get 12 new people to fill the dorm with activity and laughter once more, ah wahhhhhhh, so sad, I miss them so much. We were so close as a dorm loosing anyone would be extremely difficult, but all at once, worst of all we get to do it all again on August 18, then I come home and: ROAD TRIP !! preferably to some part of Canada.
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I wonder how I did on my APUS Exam?




yeah that's right, I received a perfect score on both the AP and SAT2 in the history of a nation I fundamentally hate and wish to dissolve, excellent. However, so long as I put those two numbers on the top of my transcript in large bold letters the idle/wandering eye will be enticed in and trapped.




The people here are greater than imagination could fathom.
I love you Liz, should you ever read this, take a moment to feel self-righteous and truly good. May you be blessed with happiness forever and ever amen.

I finally understand proof theory, and I'll make deductive logic my bitch from here on out. Ha-HA.

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bouncy !!!!Triumphant!!!!
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NEW Vaughn Wiliams from Liz's collection
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James Merriam may be reached at:

James Merriam
Harvard Summer School
1347 Harvard Yard Mail Center
Cambridge, MA 02138-7503

Or Phone (617)493-3543, except you'll probably get my room mate Gary who would be interesting to talk to.

I am in Deductive Logic and Republic and Republicanism (NOT about the Republican party in any way), they are both a mix of High School, college and Grad-students, some of whom are 40+ years old.
They're both great, The whole dorm plans to attend the 4th of July festivities,along with an estimated number of other people significantly greater than the population of Vermont.

So, I saw the new Superman in the downtown Lowes super madness theatre, and found that all character development for the title role was done by having him stare in exactly the same way at a variety of different things, he only had one real "line " as such. Well, it was very impressive.

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tired 12 hours of sleep in 4 days
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Here I am, a student in the summer term at Harvard, living in a massive double on the ground floor of Hollis Hall, right in the middle of Harvard Yard. I am taking classes from two really very perfect nutty professors, who are insane in massively different ways. My classes are full of arrogant, intense Grad students who never really understand anything, but are loud nonetheless. One of my classes has a couple of 40+ year old, and a rising Junior who apparently hasn't hit puberty yet, and has the highest voice I've heard from a boy since third grade if not longer. My dorm is full of great people, except for when you get up on the FOURTH FLOOR! Heaven Forbid! However today it's raining, and we finally have a respite from the massive tour groups of asian people walking through and playing with the NON FUNCTIONAL! wooden water pump on the green in front of the building. I have people ask me for directions at least five times a day, and it took me half an hour to figure out how to open my mail-box, which was, and continues to be empty.

Well, the food is really good, and all the people are at least reasonably smart, so I'll take it. Besides, they gave us various items of clothing etc. emblazoned with HARVARD SUMMER SCHOOL, which, if you actually wear, you are shunned as a Nerd.

But we have the COOP! Hooray!
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Phil Och
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!!!!!BUY GOLD I TELL YOU !!!!!


In case you missed it the first time

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUY GOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
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As it is after midnight, I go to Harvard tomorrow! The event I have anticipated for the last six months, the great adventure, the time of reckoning, and fodder for tremendous debates in the Merriam-Youngblood household, it has come, and it is just sinking in. Ha, Ha, TRIUMPH!! I'm going to Harvard for the summer, Ha, Ha!! Excellent!

How I love the world, how I love you all!

I LOVE YOU ALL !! (normally I hate all caps!)

(Once again Hamas, not me celebrating)

Anyone who would care to reach me over the next 10 weeks will find my e-mail account at: jpmerr@fas.harvard.edu

Also, gold is off it's highs, and now is the time to get in on it! You heard it here first, since you weren't listening anywhere else.

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So, I went to the girls Lacross game, and enjoyed getting profoundly drenched and frozen, but only on the upwind side. Would have been better if the team hadn't lost 11-2, even if they could have lost by the snow bowl score (9-3) that would have been better. And wonderful and amazing Erica was responsible for neith goal. Oh well. I was going to go up with TP (whether or not that was a good idea), but he couldn't get off work so I borrowed my mom's car and almost died three times on the way up to Burlington. I Ran over this big plastic/wire slinky and I dragged it for 20 miles, with it caught somewher on the underside of the car. All the nice Vermont people gestured wildly to try to let me know, but it took 20 minutes for them to get their point across. I was really worried that something really bad had happened, but everything was totally fine. I did feel dumb driving by myself all that way. Oh well, the only other state championships I ever go to are in skiing, and we have no chance at all at those.

I don't care if there are any mis-spellings in this document

Enjoy the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse (user pic)
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So, graduation, it was last night, ushering was just terrific now them wasn't it everyone. However balanced with all the people we're losing and the fact that I could and probably should have been up there it was pretty generally depressing for me. So now beings my second year as a senior, and the year when I have the key to the ski room and thus put my name with the great responsible members in the history of Ski team (Danny K. and Eric).

People are telling me that I'm writing my ticket to Williams, which winning the William's college book award can't hurt, but an entire year of Erica and Dan devoid High School hardly seems worth it.

God life sucks, doesn't it :-)
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Ukrainian Chants that are getting bloody annoying
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So, it seems I will NOT be going to private school next year. Instead, I'll stick around, take an absurd number of classes, and write college essays about the difficult decision as to whether I should graduate in three weeks. Apparently I am the first person to ever ask an MHS Guidance Councilor "So, can I graduate in three weeks?" (which by the way I could as a validictorian). However, my parents talked me out of a post grad year at private school, partially by offering some very juicy (and less expensive) alternatives (Ha, Ha, Triumph, I get a car and near complete control over my own schedule). Also I have the satisfaction of having fulfilled all graduation requirements (and then some) in only three years, and a year at the top of the heap when I can do whatever I damn well please. And I get to go to Thailand, despite the fact that my Dad's bestfriend from college was murdered in Thailand in the 70's, back when it was the least stable, and most dangerous place in the whole world. He'll get over that.

And, of course, Happy Birthday Erica, "for she's a jolly good fellow, and so say all of us" hold it, does that really work? Is ther a feminine form of fellow? Anyway, for guys certainly, and girls probably, "for he/she is a jolly good fellow" ought to replace happy birthday as the happy birthday song, just as huzza should replace hurray in cheers of any kind.

My Userpic is Tommy Douglas, the leader of the New Democratic/socialist party in the 30's - 60's, and the greatest Canadien. The other images are Hammurabi, of the codes fame, and awesome
looking in this carving from the house chamber.
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Can You Picture that from the Muppet Movie
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the Mamas and the Papas
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Hot tip:

The International Atomic Energy Agency is amazing, and their logo makes a great screen savers.

Poor Slobadon Milosevic, he didn't get to finish his trial for genocide before hi death, the world is such a cruel place.

Last night was another ski-team dinner that degenerated into a senior (plus Thomas P.) party for all the somewhat smart sex-crazed people they have. I was the last person to leave because I couldn't get to the door until they had all piled out to go to McDonald's because kate wanted ice cream. Hey the conversations were funny to listen to.

I went car shopping with me dad (in BARRE?) This afternoon. The best thing to be found was a honda Odyssey, which, looking at it's bumper-stickers was bought in Santa-Cruz California. It was pretty amazing. and having my first car be a mini-van/station-wagon would get at least a couple of stigmas out of the way. It has plenty of room for all of my surf-boards (yeah "DUDE"). However it does have LEGROOM which seems to be a concept completely foreign to all car makers in the modern day.
Chief Engineer: "Yeah about that 15 passenger van"
Sales Executive: "its just HAS to have sports car styling, bucket seats and a center consul without a doubt"
Chief Engineer: "Why?"
Sales Executive: "Because the people want to feel the power and performance when there driving a dozen youth groupers to the bowling alley on a Sunday afternoon"
Chief Engineer: "I've had enough, I quit"
Sales Executive: "Fine, be that way, see if I care, and anyway you smell"
Chief Engineer: "Go die in a hole you stupid bastard"
Sales Executive "Yeah... and you can...ahh... be a stupid butt-head"

End of conversation

(-: I.A.E.A. :-)

In case you missed it the first time round.
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I Putitani (Bellini)
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There is Hamas celebrating
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Unfortunately, the prairie Provinces of Canada are just as conservative as the US "heartland", so Jesusland is a good bit bigger. It's really quite remarkable how accurately the lines match up crossing the border.
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Congratulations to the Great Jessie Lund for achieving the co-presidency of National Honours society along with yours truly. I look forward to all the opportunity but only half the work, triumph!

(That would be Hamas Celebrating their victory not Me celebrating ours)
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Peter, Paul and Mary ? do NOT ask why.
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http://jibjab.com/Home.aspx click Year in review 205
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crazy I'm Crazy
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Bernstein, ritchous
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Jack Layton, NDP Leader
and owner of one of the world's best mustaches

One day to go until election day in Canada (not to be confused with Hockey day in Canada) and it seems also the end to twelve fruitful years of Liberal Rule in Ottawa. Personally I'm hoping for an NDP and Bloc Quebecois coalition government to promote secession and Universal health care etc. Unfortunately it's most likely that the conservatives will form a Minority Government and nothing either Bad or Good will be accomplished. Anyway, celebrate the election, attend parties, host parties, and we may manage to cheer a socially responsible party on to victory.

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chipper I have electionitis
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(there is no baby, it's a figurative metaphor)

and sing to the stars

Only two days to decadence day, and the terrorists are reminded why we all must die.
It's fine, it's dandy, our tree was about a foot too tall and left a meter long green streak on the ceiling, and yeah I'm going to......Georgia? yes, it's a scouting mission, deep into enemy territory, intelligence gathering, and all that exciting shtuuff (combination of shit and stuff, with a fake german accent).

BIG news, more like, BBC news, Netanyahu was elected to replace Sharon as leader of the Likud party, but Sharon's new party will win the election anyway. More importantly, Bolivia elected a socialist of native descent as their next president, he is self declared "America's worst Nightmare", Hooray, I love living in nightmares. However, he is all in favour of legalizing the Coca leaf, from which you derive cocaine, but the natives just chew on the leaves to feel happy, as it's a mild stimulant less unhealthy than caffeine, it's great. Lots of happy Bolivians, led by a socialist, I love it, the world is coming around.
And Caroline, do you remember any of the the weird thing Thomas Gram came up with to do with old car tires?
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Zee Bellz, by Byrd
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Du Na, Nu Na Nu Na



(The old, one but of course)

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Scotland the Brave, Techno remix
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happy peak oil +10
So here I am, sitting at my computer on Sunday afternoon, which the first incarnations of what everyone promises me is going to be a very mild case of Chicken Pox. Despite having gotten the Vaccine two days ago, I have two "lesions" and due to the placebo effect, I imagine about 500,000 more of them all over me. My plan is to constantly fidget and type, and knit, and such to prevent scratching any of them. I am unreasonably furious that I have to have them now, just at the ideal point this year so as to to make me not miss anything unreasonably important. So that is a good thing I suppose. As good Caroline will know, I went along for the ride with a really terrific debater from Hartford at Saturday's tournament, to emerge victorious overall and receive a shiny little, very ugly trophy ish, that is much less than so high. It has, however, made me quite happy. To Jessie, please enjoy the video Thomas Tim and I made for Spanish. To all of you please make sure all my teachers know how much excruciating pain I am experiencing, AHHHHHHHHHH, my metatarsals, there on fire, AHHHHHHHHHH. Please quote me on that one. Oh-well, plenty of time to to virtually nothing at all. Just Dandy! :-) (so crude but so expressive)
Most indifferently yours,

Jan ReydelBovocracy
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sick Sickish & Rather cheesed off
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Rite of Spring, long live the chaotic Barbarian creatures
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I would like to wish everyone a most joyous Peak Oil Day, which is of course Thursday, and wonder if there is anyone up for a day after Peak Oil Day party on Friday. Lets ring in "the end of the world as we know it", with a grand bash of nation destroying proportions. Or just huddle in a warm room and feel self-righteously smug and liberal.
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Esperanto Desperado, followed by Ukranian Chanting
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I must say the Ariel Sharon situation is very interesting. He resigned as Prime Minister and leader for his far right party, in favour of forming his own middle-left coalition. Best of all he was the hero of the 1973 Yan Kipp ur war, where he committed significant atrocities to Egyptian prisoners that have been overlooked by history. He also defeated my favorite recent Israeli Prime Minister the great Mr. Ehud Barak, who waddles in a way much les reminiscent of a Penguin than Sharon.
I wasn't crazy about Sharon when he did his whole role tanks into Gaza, and build a fence around the west bank, but his withdraw from Gaza was more constructive than Barak or Netanyahu had done before. Of course he was able to deal with someone other than Yasir Arafat (who is in fact dead).
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Copland Fanfare for the Common man
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In response to popular demand, (as in no demand to the contrary), here is the poem I read at last week's poetry slam.

In the ways we live,
We find those special days,
To live beside another,
Standing forth,
From the Primeval Mob,
A Camel among Llamas,

In the far off days of old,
All I knew,
Was rolled in gold,

But somehow so much less,
Not needed, Not wanted,
Not heeded, Not haunted,
Not weeded, Not flaunted,
Not seeded, Not taunted,
Not here, Not there,
Nor even anywhere,

Sing to the stars,
Below the mind is wandering,
Expanse of glass,
High stone wall,
Far too high,
For the golden ball,

At the end of the house,
And the end of the hall,
The vagabond is not wanted,
His garment of white,
Perfect and clean,
All stand by so he is seen,

Grand expanse,
Nail through Flesh,
And the things with stings,
Loose Interest,

The few around,
Hard to be found,
Not a kind word resounds,
For the Man in white,
Unsullied bright,
Forever may you wave,

Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocket full of Rye,
Four and twenty blackbirds,
Baking lots of pie,

Things in his heart icy and cold,
Things that aren’t,
Rolled in gold,
Dancing for,
Sunny and bold,

To say the unsayable,
Make the unmakable,
Do the unthinkable,
And remake the world,
To a better plan,
Only near the isle of Mann,
And in the books they want to ban,

Don’t let it end this way,
Tell them I said something,
To scream these words,
Ore and ore,
On and up and over,
If only if only,
But instead,
On I went,
Bows of Britain,
Pikes of Pontus,
Cast them all aside,
Dance mechanically,
As all the people sing and all,
The children be above average,

To the moon and back,
The same old way,
In a glorified toaster,
A bat doomed to fall,
These things gone,
But yet to come,

The grand red flag,
Borrowed of the bar,
Grammes Galore,
Sing it round the world,
Until it is unfurled,
The great pine tree,
On the purest field,
Ready for none but us to wield,
No killer can claim it,
No rodent can name it,
The river money,
Flows as honey,
Maple Syrup,
In my Stirrup,
Lifting her up,
And may he direct our thoughts,

Strengths seven times over,
Locked within a tomb,
Stay forever more,
As it lengthens,
So it strengthens,
Tog of war,
Nothing more,
I mustn't lie,
Youll surely die,
So poor and lonely,
Until he missed,
Mores the fame,
In the game forever more.
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Ooops, muted Handle
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If you are wondering about a 16 year old secessionist's opinion of New England Small town and rural colleges from the research he has done and the trips he's been on, here is my list in reverse order of how much I liked them:

9. Colgate
8. Bates
7. Union
6. Cornell
5. Colby
4. Hamilton
3. Bowdoin
2. Dartmouth
1. Williams

still to see:
Amerst, Hampshire, Swarthmore, Haveford, Middlebury, and UVM.

My likely applications list as it now stands

1. Williams
2. Unknown
3. Darmouth
4. Hamilton/Bowdoin
5. Unknown
6. Colby
7. UVM

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Gregorian chanting
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I'm the babe in King Lear whatever her name is, which is rather unfortunate because as the only Shakespeare I have read all of i didn't like King Lear or her particular character at all.
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Freaky rockish
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May you all go and slowly die in various holes of a variety of diameters and depths.
I quite literally cannot wait for the start of X-C Ski season, huzza for last place.
I went to the Brandenburg concertos as the Barre Opera house, during which I came very close to falling asleep, violin music does that to me. Unfortunatly I couldn't get over how pretty the third violininst was, from 40 feet away, the further away from someone you are the more beautiful they are, so if anyone tells you that you are gorgeouse with thier nose right in your face, believe them. All this from the guy who despite all his best efforts continues to have a crush on Anna Seddon, I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry, please forgive me, please forgive me. Trying to relax. If anyone is willing to sell me some Euros, I can give you the best rate this side of Casablanca, and save you from the impending crash you can see in the graph on the European central bank wesite, it's right out in front of you, plain as day.
Will I ever have a girlfriend or anything like it, there isthe unfortunate fact that I fundamentaly dispise any person who would have me as a boyfriend, "I wouldn't want to be part of a club that would have me as a member", as well as the revolting idea of actually being attracted, sexually or otherwise, to the human male, simlply baffles me, but nevermind.

PS. Puertorican Jane, there is a worldwide and rapidly expanding network of ocean floor fibre-optic cables that provide intercontinental communications.
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Rameau, but not hugely enjoying it
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I Just retuned from a college trip to Maine and have to say I hate Maine, except fot this whole Lobster and moose thing. I ate one of them and almost crashed into the other, your guess as to which.

Anyway, as a summary, on a scale of 1 to 10, Bowdoin: 7, Bates: 2, Colby: 7, Horray for places I am sort of condsidering applying to more than a year out but still think are really pretty darn cool.

Anyway I was bored so here is that Quizzy bit, and any person who would like to tell me the meaning of 1337 please do just that as soon as humaly possible

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See ReydelBovocracy's results.Collapse )
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Handle again Baby
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